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Nourishing Perfume for Hair 50 ml

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Perfume for nourishing hair
Perfume for high-end hair, alcohol-free, suitable for all types of hair. The perfume offer a particularly pleasant fragrance with an unexpected smell, it is suitable for all types of hair, also after a smoothing or other treatment. This innovative fragrance is a unique creation of
our laboratories.
It heals and protects the hair, protects against UV and gives them a unique and natural fragrance. It contains nourishing oils and keratin that protects them from the sun and preserves their color and shine.
Your hair will have an exceptional scent all day, thanks to its high concentration of different natural fragrances. Non-alcoholic special formula for daily use that allows:
* To have silky hair, shiny and soft to the touch.
* To have a natural texture, flexible, but not greasy.
* Nourish the scalp deeply.
Usage tips:
Spray the perfume on the hair at a distance of about 30 cm
Suitable for dry and wet hair as well.
COMPOSITION: cyclopensatiloxane, perfume, benzyl salicylate, citronellol, coumarin, keratin, macacmia oil,